623380, Russia, Sverdlovsk region, Polevskoy, Volodarskogo st., 110, 30
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Melody Brewery

The MELODY BREW was founded in 2015 in the city of Yekaterinburg by the group of like-minded people. At first it was experimental brewings at a small home brewery. In May 2016 the first test brewings at an industrial 1000 litres brewing line brewery have been made.

Today our own brewery is located in 40 km from Yekaterinburg on the east slope of the Ural Mountains in the small town Polevskoy. We brew unique unmatched beer for people who are opened for a new taste. Only high quality natural ingredients are used: malt, hop, yeast, different fruit, coffee, spices, herbs…

Our chief brewer Alex Saburov was a musician in the past. Brewing is not only his trade, but in many respects a kind of creation. He does not brew the beer, he composes it. Alex treats beer as music: “Like music beer has a variety of styles and trends: there is classical beer, pop song, underground, jazz… Beer like a music composition has main theme, arrangement, backvocal… Like music beer can be light or difficult for perception. Important is harmony both in music and in beer”.

We brew beer with music, it associates with music and all names of our beers are anyway connected with music.

623380, Russia, Sverdlovsk region,
Polevskoy, Volodarskogo st., 110, 30
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